Home Damage Restoration Palm Beach

Hidden plumbing leaks are the most devastating water damage scenarios, costing homeowners thousands of dollars in losses. Many of the hidden leaks are not visible to the people inside a building, and in some cases, the leaks have made the entire building uninhabitable. Because of the harmful effects of running water, the building becomes compromised due to the cracks in the walls and sunken floors.

How can you identify hidden leaks in your home?

If there is a hidden leak, you can do nothing, but some signs and symptoms can help people detect it before it causes substantial damage. You can only defeat the hidden leak by diagnosing it promptly, repairing it, and restoring it. You can save your property from collateral damage by understanding the following signs and symptoms.

High bills

You need to pay for high utility bills because a hidden leak is causing water to waste inside the building without any surge in water use. It is important to understand that when you experience high utility bills, you generally indicate that extensive damage has already been caused. You will need the expert services of our technicians to be able to reach your location and deal with the circumstance. In order to make us the obvious choice for the people in the town, we use modern tools and scientific methods in order to do the work.

Slab leak

An underground leak causes the sand and dirt to be swept away from the floor, making it suffer the most. In the case of hot or cold spots on the floor, this is the sign of a hidden leak in the plumbing line allowing water to heat or cool the floor.

Always running water heater.

A water heater will ensure that the water gets heated to the preset temperature when it is set to provide you with hot water. Leaking pipes will cause the water in your tank to run freely, and this will cause your heater to keep running to keep the temperature of your water high. A constantly running water heater indicates a leak in hot water pipes.

Smelly water

The result of a leak in the floor or an underground puddle in the facility is causing the smelly water. A mixture of freshwater and contaminated water is occurring. There is no safe way for you and your family to drink this smelly water, as it will cause you and your family to suffer from terrible diseases. Immediately resolve the issue with our expert technicians.

Stale smell

A stale smell in the area can also indicate a hidden plumbing leak. People will be unable to survive in the area due to the dampness from the leak and the stale smell it will produce.